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That means that spills happen on my white duvet cover all the time. Oh also, before I gave up sugar, I would often enjoy a little something sweet with my tea, so there were also frequent chocolate stains to deal with. (I tell you that so you know that I make messes of things just like everyone else does.) The easiest way to respond when a small spill happens on your white bedding is to grab a sponge or rag, get it


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These Luxury Sheets Are On Sale For Just $35 Politics aside — we all need a good night’s sleep now more than ever. Sometimes refreshing your bedding is all you need to lock in night after night of blissful slumber. This quality 6-piece set of silky smooth 2000 series luxury Bamboo sheets  is on sale right now for only $35, a full 80% off the retail price. Bamboo sheets are best known for their brilliant mix


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