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The market capitalization of the S&P 500 is about $18.6 trillion, so a 7% drop would slash about $1.3 trillion off the value of companies in the index. If you include the 4% gain investors might otherwise book from a Clinton win, the total cost of a Trump win would be more than $2 trillion. Trump supporters will undoubtedly argue with the assumptions and methodology that produce such a forecast, and predicting the direction of the stock market is, of course, risky business. But the Macro Advisers forecast for stocks mirrors other analysis of the Trump economic plan. Moodys Analytics, for instance, predicted it would kill 7 million jobs and cause a recession . Another analysis, by Oxford Economics , found the impact of Trumps plan less severe, but still said it would induce a slowdown. Macro Advisers used recent data to gauge market reaction to the rising and falling probability of a Trump victory and predict what might happen if he actually wins. It started with the regularly updated electoral odds calculated by the website 538 , which currently gives Trump a 28.4% chance of winning. Macro Advisers then drew on its own data showing the market-determined equity risk premium, which shows the extra return ที่นอน 3.5 ฟุต ราคา investors demand in order to hold stocks, which can be volatile and lose value quickly.

Continue Reading Mavs Partner With Bedgear For Enhanced Athletic Performance In addition to working with the athletes, Bedgear will provide an exclusive offer for Mavs Season Ticket Holders, promotions in-arena throughout the season, and support the Mavs Community through a variety of events on how sleep will lead to better performance. "We believe that quality sleep is vital to not only the players and coaches but, also to all Mavs followers and fans," says Eugene Alletto, Founder & CEO of Bedgear. "Whether you are an all-star athlete, fireman, parent or school teacher, sleep is a fundamental part of life for any individual looking to perform at their best. We are excited to partner with organizations such as Mark's who share our vision for bringing a focus on achieving more to one of the three essentials of life water, food and sleep. We look forward to bringing a new awareness of sleep and recovery to the Dallas community." Additional information may be found at | | Twitter: @bedgear | Instagram: @bedgear ABOUT BEDGEAR PERFORMANCE BEDDING Founded in 2009, bedgear is a high-growth brand leading the category of performance bedding. Bedgearis redefining the way people view sleep by offering personalized products based on sleep position and bodyframe. Our patented fabric technologies wick away heat and moisture to help regulate body temperature andgenerate a cooler, drier sleep environment to maximize recovery from your rest. With multiple distributionfacilities in the US and Asia, bedgear is expanding globally to Pacific Rim, Europe and beyond. Bedgear has worked with several athletes and professional sports teams, including Boston Red Sox, Denver Broncos and New York Mets, to name a few. You can't cheat sleep but you can get more out of the time you spend in bed. Sleep Fuels Everything!

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